Hi friends, I am very happy to announce my first event and a giveaway 

                                           "Toddler breakfast ideas" 
Check details here.


  1. Great event.Will send my entries soon.

    Happy hosting dear:)

  2. great event nice giveaway. try to send some recipes.

  3. That is very creative idea for a giveaway .. i wish I could have participated .. but I have no idea about toddler breakfast idea :)

  4. Nice event ... Happy hosting.
    Will try to think of some dish as it has been a long time since I made any food for toddlers.

  5. Nice event dear !! try to send some recipes !!

    First time here...u have wonderful space !!! Happy to follow u :)

  6. What a nice idea, I'll try to come up with some ideas, it's been a while since I've been around any toddlers!

  7. lovely event happy hosting will send in an entry soon

  8. good event..will send my entry soon

  9. hi Soumya: nice event here :) I am trying to send you couple of entries for this event, but your email ID seems to be broken ! :( Pls send me the email ID to which I can send my entries !
    thx and cheers
    Mom Chef

  10. hey first time here.. you hv a beautiful spce here.. glad to follow you and ths is a great event

  11. hi - stumbled upon your blog today.. - v nice - keep at it - am more an 'eater' than a 'creater' - but still try occasionally - know this response is completely out of date, but nevertheless.. toddler eats; refridgerate leftover idli's; slice them french fries style 'n lightly saute or shallow fry with some seasoning (hing &/or pepper &/or ghee &/or cumin powder &/or oregano &/or mustard &/or turmeric &/or breadcrumbs &/or 'molagapodi' &/or shredded capsicum/carrot/beetroot &/or thin sliced/cut garlic/onions/spring onion &/or whatever else seems compatible :) rotation is important to avoid mental or taste fatigue in kids.. can alsobe done with leftover chapati's / gundu dosa / top bread slices

    this has become a fairly reliable hit with my kid 'n her friends that we sometimes experiment with freshly made dosa's - get them to make sandwiches or pizza's with dosa as a base or make jam or cheese sandwiches with idli steamed in small plates 'n then sliced

    regards 'n best wishes


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