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Pulao is quite easy to make than a biryani and it tastes fabulous.

In this preparation you can add vegetables of your choice.I used beans, carrots and potato.


Basmati rice------------------- 2cups (wash and soak in warm water for 15 minutes)
Water-------------------------- 3 1/2 cups
Ghee----------------------------2 tbsp (for frying bread)
Bread slices---------------------2,cut in to cubes (optional)
Olive oil------------------------1 tsp (you can also use ghee or any oil of your choice)
Onion---------------------------1/4 cup,sliced
Green chilly---------------------1 slit length wise
Ginger garlic paste--------------1 tbsp
Tomato--------------------------1 medium sized,cut in to pieces
Turmeric powder---------------1/4 tsp
Biryani/pulao masala powder--1 tbsp
Garam masala powder----------1/4 tsp (you can also use whole garam masalas instead)
Vegetables-----------------------1 cup, cut in to medium size pieces
Lemon/lime juice---------------1/2 tsp
Yogurt/curd----------------------1/4 cup(mix smoothly in a bowl and keep it aside)
Salt to taste
Cilantro/coriander leaves to garnish

  1. In a medium heat pan add ghee and fry/toast the bread chunks till crispy and light golden brown in color.Keep it aside.
  2. In a well bottomed vessel add oil and saute onion till soft.
  3. Then add green chilly and ginger garlic paste.Saute till the raw smell goes.
  4. Next add tomatoes and saute till soft.
  5. Then add turmeric powder,biryani/pulao masala powder and garam masala powder.
  6. When the raw smell of masala goes add cut vegetables. (You can also shallow fry potato in a pan and then add it to the masala if you prefer and is not in a hurry. In that way potato will remain in its shape and taste better). 
  7. Toss all the vegetables together with the masala and add needed salt to it.
  8. Next add yogurt/curd to it.
  9. Then add rice and add lemon/lime juice.
  10. Add water and needed salt.Cover and cook in medium heat till water boils and then bring the flame to low and slow cook it.
  11. Once fully done,transfer to a serving bowl and fluff gently with a fork.Add chopped cilantro/coriander leaves to it.You can also add mint leaves if needed.
  12. Then add fried bread pieces to it.The crispy bread pieces will become soft with the heat and moisture of rice and kids sure will love to pick those. 
  13. Garnish with tomato rose,cilantro leaves or any thing of your choice and enjoy.
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 and 4

Step 5

Step 6 and 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11 and 12


  1. A very tempting one pot meal...Yummy..

  2. Soumya, very flavour and loads with veggies,..very healthy and comfort one pot meal.

  3. Beautiful presentation dear,delicious and inviting meal.

  4. yumm ... nice comfort meal in a pot !

  5. Beautiful pulao and nice carvings......

  6. Fantastic n drool worthy tempting pulao ...lovely!

  7. i like the idea of adding bread to it. it tastes good with pulao. looks tempting..

  8. Yumm, mouthwatering here, love the addition of bread bites...tempting pulao..

  9. veggie pulao looks dleicious.

  10. Delicious n comforting one pot meal..

    US Masala

  11. Inviting dish!!! Am waiting to grab the whole pot...;(

  12. This looks delicious, and thank you for the step by step instructions! Have a wonderful day!

  13. very tasty...and nice did u make the flower?

  14. That's a lovely recipe to try - all in one with veggies aplenty:)


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