Saturday, January 15, 2011

WHEAT AND RAGI CHAPATHI (Wheat and finger millet roti/flat bread)

This is a healthy and delicious dish.

You can also make roti with either finger millet or wheat alone.
I made rotis in two ways using same ingredients.

First,I made roti by mixing equal quantity of wheat and ragi powder. It was soft and yummy.It had the bran in it which is highly nutritious.This method is good for all ragi lovers.

Second,I made by filtering the ragi flour through a sieve by adding milk in it. I must say, in this way,you will never know that ragi is added to your roti and will be soft, puffy,very healthy and delicious.This method is much safe for kids as all the bran is filtered out.

Check here for basic soft and puffy chapathi/roti recipe

Wheat flour------------------1 cup
Ragi flour--------------------1 cup
Warm milk------------------1/2 cup
Water------------------------ as needed
Butter or ghee or oil------1/2 tsp 
Salt to taste


  1. For the first method,mix equal quantity of wheat and ragi flour by adding a pinch of salt in it.Then, knead it by adding milk and needed water to it.Then make dumplings and roll it in to roti using rolling pin.Then cook it both sides in a flat griddle.
  2. For the second method,mix milk to ragi flour and filter it through a fine sieve. Use little water for filtering if needed. Now make dough using this filtered ragi milk juice.The dough will be soft.And the roti will come out soft and puffy.

Step 1

Step 2

Filter ragi flour by adding milk through a fine sieve.

Knead dough using the above filtered ragi

Make chapathi as usual

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  1. Soooo soft and nutritious chapathi...awesome!

  2. Healthy chapathis, looks soft and yummy.

  3. Looks fantastic and delicious!

  4. Wonderful healthy chapatis...good idea to filter the ragi flour...I bet they were delicious..

  5. Healthy chapathis nice recipe.

  6. nutritious and delicious..should try out.

  7. Healthy and delicious chappati....

  8. using Ragi Milk is new to me!!!! Healthy Roti's!!!!

  9. This chapathi looks so healthy and yummy!

  10. wow...sounds very tempting n healthy..
    Tasty appetite

  11. Good one.... Its a very healthy thing... We use the second process to prepare such rotis, though a lill different. Loved your method too... Good work...

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