Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LAMB SHANKS (Bookmarked recipe by my hubby dear)

Recipe courtesy:http://www.food.com/recipe/red-wine-and-rosemary-braised-lamb-shanks-105078

All these days I have been cooking trying to make at least one different dish daily for blog post.I am so glad that my hubby and my daughter got inspired by it.Nowadays,my daughter started taking pictures of dishes in iPhone saying that it is for blog and will ask me to wait till she finish taking pictures.It is so funny and cute to see her mimicking me.The other funny thing is that my hubby also got interest in cooking that he wanted to cook some special dish with Lamb and wine.Long back we had lamb shank from a restaurant and got hooked up with its fabulous taste.So he thought he will cook Lamb shank and searched in Google and found a recipe from here:
He followed the same but reduced the measurements to half.Also,he did slow cooking in iron pan in stove instead of braising it in oven.My job was taking pictures. He did everything from scratch including presentation.The dish was so delicious and yummy.

Step by step pictures
Step 1
Marinate Lamb shanks with salt and pepper

Step 2 
Chopped carrots,tomato,celery and onion

Step 3
Add oil to pan and cook shanks till brown.Transfer to a bowl.

Step 4
Add chopped vegetables to the above pan and saute till soft

Add wine and chicken broth to it.In original recipe  beef and chicken broth is used,my hubby used only chicken broth.

Step 6
Cover and slow cook for minimum 2 hrs in medium  low heat.

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  1. yummy looking dish...i bet it was delicious..

  2. Good try and I love lamb..sure it must hv tasted great !!!!!

  3. Omg, u r blessed Soumya, awesome lamb shanks looks truly delicious,kudos to ur hubby..

  4. Interesting recipe...looks great and inviting.


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