Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GHEE ROAST/NEYI DOSA (Dosa varieties part 1)

Last day I made  different varieties of dosa for our dinner.I made Ghee roast,carrot dosa,egg dosa,dal dosa,onion roast and cheese dosa using the same dosa batter.

Recipe for Ghee roast


Idli rice or Masoori rice--------------- 4 cups
Urad dal----------------------------------------1 1/4 cups
Fenu greek seeds------------------------1/4 tsp
Salt--------------------------------------------- as needed
Water------------------------------------------ as required

  1. Soak rice,urad dal and fenu greek seeds separately for 3 hrs .
  2. First grind urad dal and fenu greek seeds to a smooth paste with needed water. You should see bubbles popping in the batter.Transfer this to a vessel.
  3. Next grind rice to a smooth paste and transfer to the above vessel.
  4. Thoroughly mix the batter .Add needed salt to it.
  5. Let the batter ferment for overnight.
  6. Heat a flat nonstick pan or dosa pan to medium and pour the batter and spread it round.The most important tip in making crispy dosa is in the way you adjust the heat and the way you spread it. So be careful in that.spread it as thin as possible.Scrape off the thick areas.
  7. Once the batter is thinly spread,bring the heat to high and spread ghee in it.
  8. Bring the heat to very low and roll it or fold it and transfer to a plate. Serve immediately.
Note: The heat adjustment should be like this.
 While pouring the batter the pan should only be medium heat. Once spread thinly the heat should be very high. When it turn golden brown,the heat should be very low.


  1. Omg, just drooling here...makes me hungry.

  2. hmm that's one crispy and yummy dosa

  3. That is one superb recipe, loving the color and they look super crispy!

    US Masala

  4. Excellent recipe and pics looks like an experts work..Great

  5. Dosa looks delicious. waiting for another variation.

  6. Nice demo soumya..Making me drool and craving for dosa...Sure, will try ur method this time..

  7. wow this looks like dosa lovers heaven :) they all super yummy, its hard to pick a favorite!

  8. Se ven super buenos ,me encantaron y como los sirves,que sabrosos y se pueden comer con lo que nos guste más, yo me los como con palta y tomates,cariños y abrazos.

  9. Ur dosai.....reminds of saravana bhavan style...:(
    Wonderful explanation

  10. wow- your dosa is perfect- you must be a master at it since it came out so crisp!

  11. this is my fav looks perfect dear

  12. my mouth is watering here and i can able to smell the flavour....

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  13. Dosa looks superb. So crispy and inviting.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. I envy your family! They get to sample all these :-)


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