Thursday, January 20, 2011

AVOCADO,DATES AND QUINOA PARATHA (Sweet,soft and highly nutritious paratha)

This is a very healthy and highly nutritious paratha.

Actually, this paratha was a result of emptying left overs. There was some cooked quinoa and fully riped avocado waiting to get finished.So I thought of combining it together with some dates and made parathas.The parathas came out good.Avocados made it super soft,dates gave a slight sweetness and quinoa made it extra healthy.We enjoyed this sweet,soft and highly nutritious parathas that it vanished fast.As always no left overs in refrigerator and making a healthy dish made me happy :)

Quinoa-----------------------1 cup (cooked)
Dates------------------------1/4 cup,mashed
Wheat flour-----------------2 cups or as needed
Salt -------------------------- a pinch
Olive oil or ghee----------1 tsp


  1. Mash avocado and dates together and keep it aside.
  2. Now in a bowl take wheat flour and add a pinch of salt to it.Then add mashed avocados and dates followed by cooked quinoa.Knead the dough well by adding extra flour.Add a tsp of olive oil or ghee in palm to prevent stickiness and knead it good.
  3. Keep the dough aside for 10 minutes.
  4. Now make parathas as usual. (Make small dumplings and then roll it flat using a rolling pin with some extra dry flour in it.Then heat a griddle and cook the parathas in both side).
  5. Enjoy this sweet,soft and highly nutritious parathas.
Note: You don't have to use water for kneading the dough as the mashed avocado and dates has enough moisture in it.

Avocado and dates mashed.

Step 3
Paratha dough

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  1. Such a lovely variation for the normal looks wonderful.

  2. That sounds very healthy,nice recipe Soumya!

    US Masala

  3. Wow, this recipe is excellent! One of the healthiest breads I have seen!

  4. Excellent,healthy and great looking paratha..

  5. Colorful and yummy paratha,very healthy and filling.

  6. I enjoy making avocado rotis but haven't add quinoa and dates
    check out the event in my site

  7. Avacado in paratha .. wow !! some creativity i must say .. got to give it an attempt. :)

  8. Healthy and delicious paratha.

  9. Nice innovation with parathas. Good sharing.

  10. Thats a unique one..sounds gr8...nice color

  11. This is very healthy paratha, packed with all fibres and nutrients. Just one paratha will be a wholesome dinner I guess : )

  12. I love this advocato rotis. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Very new combo paratha,but sure avacado will add softness looks awesome!

  14. healthy and delicious...loved it..nice recipe.

  15. oh my gorgeous paranthas! Really innovative.

  16. Very innovative. First time here, love your carvings.


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