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 In all sunny days here in US , I will plan of making vattal and then will drop the plan worrying whether it will be possible. This time I made it happen. I checked the weather report for 10 days and found  to be very sunny. Also, we have an open patio in our apartment. I kept it for sun drying for about two weeks. Three days in towel/ tissue paper and 6 days in plate after removing from the cotton/paper towel. Vattal dried perfectly and came out tender and crispy .


Raw rice ------------------ 1cup 
Asafoetida powder------ a pinch 
Cumin seeds-------------- 2 tsp
Salt as needed.


  1. Soak rice in water for 2 hrs.
  2. Drain off the water and grind the rice in a wet grinder to a smooth batter . Add needed water for grinding.
  3. Transfer it to a bowl. Batter should not be too thick or too thin.
  4. Now in a medium heat pan, pour the rice batter. 
  5. Keep stirring with a heavy wooden spatula.
  6. Now transfer the dough to a bowl and add salt.
  7. Let it cool to room temperature.
  8. Then add, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder.
  9. Mix it thoroughly and check the salt.
  10. Now sun dry it. For this, you can either use a presser/seva nazhi/murukku molder or can make dumplings with hand or spoon . Do it in a paper/ cotton towel.
  11.  While making dumplings with spoon/hand make it in the shape of small onions with pointed ends.
  12. It should get direct sunlight. Dry till it is easy to remove from the towel
  13. After it is fully dried, wet the back side of the cotton/ paper towel and remove all the vattal. Don't drizzle water directly in to the vattal. Drizzle water at the back side of the towel. This helps in easy removing without sticking.
  14. Transfer it to a plate. 
  15. After removing from the towel, sun dry it again for few more days till it is fully dried.
  16. Then fry it in oil.
  • Add cumin seeds only after the dough is cooled . Otherwise it will change the color of the dough.
  •  Dough will be sticky .
  • You need very good direct sunlight for making this. So, check the weather condition for a week or two before attempting this.
  • You can also add little red chilly powder , if you like it little spicy. 
  • Make dumplings/ vattal in presser early morning before sun rise, so that you don't have to burn yourself in sunlight especially if you are making large batches .
  • Cover it  and preferably keep inside home at night.
Step 1
 Soak rice in water

step 2 
Grind  rice in a wet grinder to a smooth batter 

step 3 to 4
Pour the batter to a medium heat pan

step 5
keep stirring with a wooden spatula

Keep stirring till this consistency.
Dough will be sticky.

step 6
Transfer it to a bowl

step 7 to 9
Let it cool.
Add cumin and  asafoetida.

Made using presser.
Sun dry it.

Dumplings made with hand.
Sun dry it. 
Dumplings take more time to dry than those made with presser.

Day 2 morning

(Remove from towel and transfer to a plate/tray and  sun dry it again for few more days).

fry in oil

Serve with sambhar rice,rasam rice etc...


  1. Love vattal and still remember grandmother patiently making them..great post,thanks for sharing.

  2. We have it occasionaly here and everytime we have it brings back lovely memories-vathal looks yummy.

    Pushpa @

  3. Wow great job..Looks yummmy !!

  4. Loved the crispy looking vathal. Looks wonderfully well made.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Hi Soumya,

    Vathal looks great dear...Thanx for the step by step procedure..


  6. Beautiful, love vathals with sambar rice, my fav..

  7. Wonderful and lovely step by step pictures

  8. Its looking good and very nice click.
    I know this is very tasty.My mom'nlaw makes this but she add sesame seeds also........

  9. buy online fresh home made agrahar vattals kondattaoms or kondottoms from around the world

  10. Thanks for the wonderful vattal demonstration....


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