Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Vermicelli ------------- 1 cup
whole milk------------  3 cup
water------------------   1 cup
Sugar--------------------1 cup
Cardamom powder---1/4 tsp ( powder cardamom with little sugar using mortar and pestle)
Ghee-------------------- 1 tbsp

Raisins ----------------- a few,for garnish


  1. Add a tbsp of ghee in a medium heat vessel and add  raisins.The raisins should plump up.
  2. Keep it aside.
  3. Next, in the same vessel, roast vermicelli . Keep stirring.
  4. When the raw smell of vermicelli goes add milk to it and keep stirring.
  5. Cook it for 3 minutes and add sugar
  6. Then add water and cook till vermicelli is fully done.
  7. Add cardamom powder to it
  8. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with ghee roasted raisins.

  • Adding water is optional. You can use milk or sweetened condensed milk instead.
  • You can also use ghee roasted nuts for garnish.
roast vermicelli

Add milk, sugar, water, cardamom powder and cook

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Friday, October 22, 2010



Peanut butter ---------------------- 4 tbsp
Sweetened condensed milk----  3 tbsp
Whole milk------------------------- 1 cup
Unsalted butter-------------------- 1 tbsp
Semi sweet chocolate chips----- 2 tbsp or as needed
Cardamom powder---------------- a pinch
Cinnamon powder----------------- a pinch
Non-stick spray.

  1. In a medium heat non stick pan add a tbsp of unsalted butter and add milk.
  2. Keep stirring and add cinnamon powder and cardamom powder.
  3. Now add condensed milk and keep stirring.
  4. Add peanut butter and do continuous stirring.
  5. Switch off the flame when it becomes in the consistency of a halwa.
  6. Now spray the non stick spray in a bowl and transfer the peanut butter to it.Spread it evenly.
  7. Now in a microwave safe bowl melt the chocolate chips by keeping it in microwave oven for 2 minutes .
  8. Spread the melted chocolate on top of peanut butter. 
  9. Cover it and keep in freezer for an hour.
  10. Cut in to desired size pieces and enjoy .

  • You can freeze it till the consistency of your choice.

    • Add a tbsp of unsalted butter
      Add milk, cinnamon powder,cardamom powder and condensed milk
      Add peanut butter and keep stirring
      Switch off the flame
      Transfer to a bowl coated with non stick spray.
      Keep semi sweet chocolate chips in microwave oven for 2 minutes
      spread melted chocolate on top of peanut butter and freeze it.
      cut in to desired size pieces.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010


    This is a traditional Kerala recipe.


    Boiled rice/ Idly rice/ puzhungal ari -------  1 cup
    Grated coconut---------------------------------- 1 cup
    Jaggery-------------------------------------------  2 large pieces 
    Water---------------------------------------------  1 cup
    Cardamom powder----------------------------   1/2 tsp  (powder cardamom with little sugar using a mortar and pestle)


    1.  In a medium heat vessel add a cup of water , jaggery and cardamom powder and let it boil.
    2. Strain off the impurities from jaggery syrup and transfer to a bowl. Keep it aside.
    3. Next,dry roast rice.  For this, heat a pan to medium high and add rice to it. Keep stirring. When the color of rice changes slightly,bring the flame to low and keep stirring.
    4. Stir for 15 minutes in low flame till rice is equally and perfectly roasted both inside and outside.
    5. Transfer to a plate and keep it aside. Let it warm.
    6. Now in the same pan, dry roast grated coconut to light golden brown color  . Make sure all water is evaporated from the coconut.
    7. Next, powder the roasted rice in a blender. Transfer to a bowl.
    8. Then, mix in roasted coconut to powdered rice.
    9. Then, slowly mix in jaggery syrup.
    10. Mix  it good and form balls of it.  Place it in a plate and let it sit for an hour to prevent sticking together. 
    11. Then transfer to a bowl.
    This Ladoo will stay for a week. 

    • Powder roasted rice while it is slightly warm. Then helps easy powdering.
    • You can garnish with ghee roasted nuts and raisins.
    • Make ladoos/balls while the mixture is warm.
     rice, jaggery, grated coconut

    step 1
    Jaggery syrup: 1 cup water, 2 jaggery & 1/2 tsp cardamom powder

    step 3, 4
    Dry roast rice

    step 5
    Let it warm

    step 6
    Dry roast grated coconut

    step 7
    Powder roasted rice in a blender

    powdered rice, roasted coconut, strained jaggery syrup

    step 8, 9

    step 10

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    Tuesday, October 19, 2010



    Sweet green chilly/ bhajji mulaku------  5
    Besan/ gram flour--------------------------  2 cups
    Rice flour ------------------------------------  2 tbsp
    Baking soda---------------------------------  1/4 tsp
    Asafoetida powder------------------------   a pinch
    Red chilly powder-------------------------   1/2 tsp or to taste
    Salt--------------------------------------------- as needed
    Oil---------------------------------------------- for frying
    Tamarind------------------------------------   a small piece, soak in warm water for few minutes and make a thick paste


    1. Cut sweet green chilly/ bhajji mulaku length wise,preferably through the stalk and remove the seeds .
    2. Apply tamarind water / paste inside the slit of chilly.
    3. Now prepare the batter. For this, mix besan, rice flour , baking soda, red chilly powder, asafoetida powder and needed salt. Then , pour required water and make a thick consistent batter without lumps.
    4. Dip the chilly in the batter and deep fry in medium heat oil.
    5. Once , the bhajji is golden brown in color transfer it a plate.
    6. Serve hot with mulaku chammanthy/ chilly chutney as dip.
    step 1
    cut lengthwise and remove seeds

    Soak tamarind in warm water 

    step 2
    Apply tamarind paste 

    step 3
    Prepare batter

    step 4
    Dip chilly in batter and deep fry in medium heat oil

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    AVAL PUZHUKKU / Navrathri pooja prasadam


    Rice flakes/ Aval ---------- 2 tbsp
    Rice--------------------------- 1 tbsp , dry roast the boiled rice/puzhungal ari
    Rice puffs/ pori------------  2 tbsp
    Grated jaggery------------- 1 tbsp
    Chopped coconut pieces--2 tsp
    Cardamom powder--------- a pinch ( powder cardamom with sugar)
    Red beans-------------------  2 tbsp , soak in water overnight
    Channa dal/ pottu kadala- 1 tsp


    1. For dry roasting rice, in a hot vessel add rice and then simmer the flame. Keep stirring.
    2. Cook soaked red beans with needed salt and water in a pressure cooker. Drain off he excess water.
    3. Mix in all the ingredients.
    This is placed in a plantain leaf along with other Navrathri pooja items which includes Neyyappam, dosa, channa upperi/ sundal, sugar cane, cheru pazham and jaggery.



    Apple ------------------------ 1 
    Yogurt/ curd----------------  4 tbsp
    Ice cubes-------------------  1/4 cup
    Sugar ------------------------ 2tbsp or as needed


    1. Peel off the skin from apple.
    2. Cut the apple in to cubes.
    3. Blend apple, yogurt, ice cubes and sugar together in a juicer.
    4. Serve with extra ice cubes in it.
    For Garnish: Apple slice and  cloves



    Horse gram/ kulthi/kollu ------------  1 cup
    Grated coconut------------------------   1/4 cup
    Green chilly----------------------------   1 or 2 cut round wise
    Small onion/ shallots or red onion-- 1 tbsp , sliced
    Dried red chilly-------------------------- 1 or 2
    Mustard seeds--------------------------- 1/2 tsp
    Curry leaves------------------------------ a few
    Oil------------------------------------------- 1 tbsp
    Salt as needed.


    1. Dry roast kollu slightly and soak in water for 2 hrs.
    2. Cook the soaked kollu in pressure cooker with needed salt and water.
    3. Drain off the water from kollu.
    4. Next, in a medium heat pan add a tbsp of oil and splutter mustard seeds.
    5. Then add dried red chilly, curry leaves, onions and green chilly.
    6. Then add grated coconut and stir till a nice aroma comes and all water is evaporated from coconut. 
    7. Add cooked kollu . Check the seasoning.
    8.  Mix it good with the tempering and transfer to a serving bowl.

    step 4,5, 6

    step 7


    Channa /chickpeas-------1 cup, soak in water for 2hrs
    Green chilly----------------2 , cut round wise
    Grated coconut----------- 2 tbsp
    Dried red chilly----------- 2
    Mustard seeds-----------  1/4 tsp
    Curry leaves--------------  a few
    Oil---------------------------  1tsp
    Salt as needed


    1. Cook Channa in pressure cooker with needed salt and water.
    2. Drain off the water from cooked Channa .
    3. Next, in a medium heat pan add oil and splutter mustard seeds.
    4. Add dried red chilly, grated coconut , green chilly and curry leaves.
    5. Add cooked Channa to it and mix it good.
    6. Transfer to a serving bowl.
    step 1 and 2

    step 3 and 4

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    Wednesday, October 13, 2010



    Toor dal --------------------------- 1 cup ( soak in water for 2 hrs)
    Dried red chilly------------------  2 medium sized, ( remove seeds)
    Small onions or Red onions--  2 tbsp ,chopped finely
    Saunf / perumjeerakam-------- 1/2 tsp
    Ginger grated-------------------- a pinch (optional)
    Asafoetida powder-------------  a pinch (optional)
    Green chilly---------------------- 1 , chopped finely ( remove seeds)
    Curry leaves--------------------- 1bsp , chopped
    Salt to taste
    Oil for frying


    1. Coarsely grind dal and red chilly without water.
    2. Mix in all ingredients with the coarsely ground dal.
    3. Check the seasoning.
    4. Heat oil in a vessel. Check the heat of oil with a drop of mixture. The mixture should come to the surface of oil right away.
    5. Make vadas by wetting hand so that it will not stick to hand.
    6. The shape of vadas should be in such a way that, it should be thick in the middle and very thin  in the end. 
    7. Drop the vadas in oil and reduce the heat to medium. Cook till it is golden brown in color.
    8. Transfer to a bowl . Vadas should be crispy towards the thin ends and soft in the thick centre.
    step 1 and 2

    Fry in oil

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010



    Potato------------------ 2 medium sized , cut in to small cubes
    Onion ------------------ 1 medium sized
    Green chilly-----------2 or to taste, cut round wise.  
    Turmeric powder-----1/4 tsp
    Oil-----------------------1 tsp
    Dried red chilly-----  2
    Mustard seeds-----  1/2 tsp
    Urad dal---------------1/4 tsp
    Curry leaves----------as needed
    Salt as needed

    1. In a medium heat pan, add a tsp of oil and splutter mustard seeds and then add dried red chilly, split urad dal and curry leaves .
    2. Then add the onions and green chilly. Saute for few minutes. Onion should be little crunchy.
    3. Then add turmeric powder.
    4. Next add the potatoes and needed water. Add salt to it.
    5. Cover and cook the potatoes .
    6. Once the potatoes are fully cooked,mash the potatoes lightly with a spatula.
    7. Transfer it to a serving bowl. This is a traditional and very simple and easy side dish for puri  chapathi and dosa. 
    You can also pressure cook the potatoes first and then add to the tempering.

    step 1 and 2

    step 3

    step 4

    Friday, October 8, 2010


     In all sunny days here in US , I will plan of making vattal and then will drop the plan worrying whether it will be possible. This time I made it happen. I checked the weather report for 10 days and found  to be very sunny. Also, we have an open patio in our apartment. I kept it for sun drying for about two weeks. Three days in towel/ tissue paper and 6 days in plate after removing from the cotton/paper towel. Vattal dried perfectly and came out tender and crispy .


    Raw rice ------------------ 1cup 
    Asafoetida powder------ a pinch 
    Cumin seeds-------------- 2 tsp
    Salt as needed.


    1. Soak rice in water for 2 hrs.
    2. Drain off the water and grind the rice in a wet grinder to a smooth batter . Add needed water for grinding.
    3. Transfer it to a bowl. Batter should not be too thick or too thin.
    4. Now in a medium heat pan, pour the rice batter. 
    5. Keep stirring with a heavy wooden spatula.
    6. Now transfer the dough to a bowl and add salt.
    7. Let it cool to room temperature.
    8. Then add, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder.
    9. Mix it thoroughly and check the salt.
    10. Now sun dry it. For this, you can either use a presser/seva nazhi/murukku molder or can make dumplings with hand or spoon . Do it in a paper/ cotton towel.
    11.  While making dumplings with spoon/hand make it in the shape of small onions with pointed ends.
    12. It should get direct sunlight. Dry till it is easy to remove from the towel
    13. After it is fully dried, wet the back side of the cotton/ paper towel and remove all the vattal. Don't drizzle water directly in to the vattal. Drizzle water at the back side of the towel. This helps in easy removing without sticking.
    14. Transfer it to a plate. 
    15. After removing from the towel, sun dry it again for few more days till it is fully dried.
    16. Then fry it in oil.
    • Add cumin seeds only after the dough is cooled . Otherwise it will change the color of the dough.
    •  Dough will be sticky .
    • You need very good direct sunlight for making this. So, check the weather condition for a week or two before attempting this.
    • You can also add little red chilly powder , if you like it little spicy. 
    • Make dumplings/ vattal in presser early morning before sun rise, so that you don't have to burn yourself in sunlight especially if you are making large batches .
    • Cover it  and preferably keep inside home at night.
    Step 1
     Soak rice in water

    step 2 
    Grind  rice in a wet grinder to a smooth batter 

    step 3 to 4
    Pour the batter to a medium heat pan

    step 5
    keep stirring with a wooden spatula

    Keep stirring till this consistency.
    Dough will be sticky.

    step 6
    Transfer it to a bowl

    step 7 to 9
    Let it cool.
    Add cumin and  asafoetida.

    Made using presser.
    Sun dry it.

    Dumplings made with hand.
    Sun dry it. 
    Dumplings take more time to dry than those made with presser.

    Day 2 morning

    (Remove from towel and transfer to a plate/tray and  sun dry it again for few more days).

    fry in oil

    Serve with sambhar rice,rasam rice etc...

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