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Spinach ------------------- 1/4 cup
Small onion---------------  3 , sliced
Green chilly--------------  1 small
Cumin seeds-------------   1/4 tsp
Garam masala powder--  a pinch
Ginger Garlic paste------ 1/4 tsp
Oil----------------------------- 1 tsp
Yogurt-----------------------  1 tsp
Milk--------------------------  2 tbsp
Wheat flour-----------------  2 cups
Melted butter or ghee---- 1tsp
Salt as needed.

  1. In a medium heat pan add a tsp of oil and saute  onion, green chilly and spinach.Add needed salt.
  2.  Cook uncovered in low flame . This helps to retain the green color of spinach.
  3. Once, spinach is fully cooked, blend it to a smooth paste by adding little cumin seeds, garam masala powder , yogurt  and milk.
  4. Now in a bowl mix wheat flour and spinach puree . Add little dry wheat flour while mixing to prevent sticking.Check the seasoning. 
  5. Then add melted butter or ghee to it and mix it thoroughly to a smooth dough. 
  6. Keep the dough for 15 minutes.
  7. Make small dumplings of it.
  8. Roll it in to parathas and cook in a hot griddle. When it start bubbling , flip it to other side. 
  9. Apply butter or ghee in the cooked parathas if needed.
  10. Serve with raita.
cooked spinach

step 3

step 5

step 7

cooked parathas...ready to serve

  • For garnish,  made a slit in the cooked paratha from the centre and rolled it from the slit to the other end and made it in the form of a cone.Then using a tooth pick, joined the free end of cone .
  • Then, sliced a lemon and cut its pointy base.
  • Then made a hole in the pointy base of lemon with a knife and inserted the stalk of a green chilly in it.
  • For orange,  made incisions  with a knife and opened it.
  • Then in the centre of orange, kept the green chilly which is inserted to the pointy lemon base.
  • Then Inserted the paratha cone in to the sliced lemon  by making a hole in lemon using knife.
  • Then cut the cheese slice in to thin strips and pressed the ends together  .
  • Then kept the avocado slices and chopped tomatoes in its centre.
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  1. Wow! Sowmy..beautiful presentation...delicious looking parathas..

  2. looks eye catchy with a bful presentation sowmya...thanks for sending this delicious entry dear

  3. Wow Sowmya delicious parathas..healthy and yummy..beautiful presentation, with vivid and vibrant colors.

  4. very cute presentation. such healthy parathas full of nutrition. very nice recipe

  5. Hi Soumya,

    Beautiful presentation dear...Lovely recipe too...very healthy...


  6. Beautiful presentation,healthy parathas looks wonderful..

  7. im so bad at making rotis i have 2 actually buy the frozen ones:(
    love the colour

  8. Looks good.


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