Sunday, September 12, 2010



Drumstick  ---------------10 to 15 ( cut in to finger size)
Potato --------------------- 1 medium size
Onion----------------------  1/4 of medium sized , sliced lengthwise
Green chilly--------------  1 or 2 , slit length wise
Ginger --------------------  1 inch piece sliced lengthwise
Garlic ---------------------  1 large clove, sliced lengthwise
Chilly powder------------  1tsp
Coriander powder-------  2tsp
Turmeric powder--------  1/2 tsp
Grated coconut----------   3tbsp
Cumin seeds--------------  1/2 tsp
Tamarind water----------- 2tbsp (optional)
Tomato --------------------- 1 small , cut in to 4
Oil---------------------------  2tsp
Mustard seeds-----------  1/4tsp
Small Onion/Shallots---- 4 sliced
Dried red chilly----------- 1 or 2
Curry leaves as needed
Salt to taste

  1. Add a tsp of oil to a medium heat pan and saute ginger , garlic, onion and green chilly.
  2. Add potato and saute it for few minutes. Then add turmeric powder, red chilly powder and coriander powder and stir it.
  3. Add needed water and salt.
  4. Then  add the drumsticks and cook it.
  5. Next, grind grated coconut with cumin seeds to a smooth paste.  Then, add this paste to the pan and cook it.
  6. Next add the tomatoes and tamarind water and cook it.
  7. Check the seasonings.
  8. Now, do the tempering and pour it on top of the curry. For tempering, add a tsp of oil to a medium heat pan and sputter mustard seeds and then add dried red chilly ,curry leaves and shallots. Saute till the shallots becomes soft.
  9. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve with plain rice.

step 1, 2

step 3,4

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  1. Delicious combo, love drumsticks and potato as anything..

  2. woundefull combo,both my fav.Will try this curry.

  3. Hi
    First time here. Love your blog. I love Drumstick. But i dont get good one in my grocery store :-( I miss my mom's drumstick sambhar . This one is new.

  4. I didn't know any other use of drumsticks! Thanks for this idea.
    nice blog


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