Sunday, August 15, 2010



Ash gourd (kumbalanga) -----------  1 cup (cut in 1 inch cubes)
Chicken pieces(cut in to cubes)---- few pieces 
Coconut --------------------------------   3/4 cup
Cumin seeds --------------------------   1tsp
Black Pepper powder --------------    1 1/2 tbsp
Coriander powder  -----------------     1 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder ---------------------   1 tsp
Red chilli powder --------------------    1 tsp
Oil ----------------------------------------   1tbsp
Small onion sliced --------------------- 6
Mustard seeds ------------------------   1 tsp
Dried red chilly ------------------------   1 or 2
Urad dal -------------------------------- 1/4 tsp (optional)
Curry leaves


  1. Heat oil in a pan & saute the sliced small onions.
  2. Add pepper powder & mix it till the raw smell goes.
  3. Add coriander powder, chilly powder & turmeric powder. Saute it one by one till raw smell goes.
  4. Add little water & cook the spices for few seconds till nice aroma comes.
  5. Next add the chicken pieces  to it. Add needed salt. Cover and cook it till chicken pieces are fully done.
  6. Then add the Ash gourd pieces.
  7. While its cooking grind coconut & cumin together to a smooth paste. Then pour this ground coconut cumin paste to the curry. Add water if needed.
  8. Switch off the flame when it starts bubbling. Transfer this to a serving bowl.
  9. Now do the tempering. For this add oil to a medium heat pan & splutter mustard seeds, then add dried red chilly,urad dal and curry leaves.
  10. Pour the tempering to the curry.
  • This is a traditional Kerala recipe. In this curry, black pepper is added more than red chilly powder.
  • You can do this without chicken if you are a vegetarian. This goes excellent with rice, dosa,idli etc.

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